What services A6 Physio offers

A6 Physio's Services


Treatment costs for face to face or virtual online appointments:

(up to 40 minutes)  £47 This will involve assessment and treatment

(up to 60 minutes) £65 This will involve assessment and treatment.

Massage Therapy

Sports Massage (1 hour) £47

Sports Massage (30 minutes) £32

Swedish Massage (1 hour) £47

Hot Stones Sports Massage (1 hour) £52

Hot Stones Sports Massage (30 minutes) £37


One to one tuition (1 hour) £50

Classes (courses of 6 weeks) £72 per course

We have small classes for a more personal

touch with emphasis on correct technique


Regular Pilates classes from Monday to Friday

Pilates classes with a difference.  Functional Pilates classes developed by physiotherapists and modified to be evidence based and effective in improving dynamic movement, balance and flexibility, core stability and strength.
Classes are designed to meet specific needs of everyday life and sports.
Invest in yourself.  Pilates is an incredible exercise system that balances the body, strengthens and lengthens the muscles and focuses the mind. Sessions are payable in a block of 6.  We offer an online package and an option of live steaming sessions as part of this unique package.

For more information and to book your slot contact the clinic 01257 230140.

Sports Screening

RUNNING BIOMECHANICS – Includes video analysis of running and of dynamic movements with a personalised exercise program. (up to 60 minutes) £67

GOLF BIOMECHANICS – Assessment of dynamic movements with analysis and liaison with golf coach on golf swing with a personalised exercise program. (up to 60 minutes) £67

OTHER SPORTS – Assessment of dynamic movements relevant to the sport with a personalised exercise program.
(up to 60 minutes) £67


  Non-athletes, Elite athletes and Professionals 
 Absolute beginners  
 Recreational athletes  
 Children and young athletes  

Bio-mechanical sports screening of individuals. We use a variety of functional movements & performance tests to identify limitations or asymmetries in individuals with no current pain or with known musculoskeletal problems. By placing the individual in extreme positions, weaknesses and imbalances become observable and can help point the way to appropriate personalised exercise programs to improve performance in sport and help towards resolving persistent injuries.

We are recognised by most health insurance companies. You will probably be required to have seen your GP prior to the commencement of treatment. Insurance details such as policy number/authorisation number are required on the first visit.
Some policies have an excess applied to them. This must be paid to the clinic directly.

If your insurance company does not cover the cost of your treatment, the patient is liable for these costs.

The clinic reserves the right to charge full treatment costs for any appointments that are not attended. If an appointment is cancelled with less than 48 hours/2 working days notice a charge will be made up to the full cost of treatment.

Payment terms are that invoices are paid within 30 days. Any late payments are liable to incur an administration charge of £20.00. If any invoices remain unpaid after 60 days these accounts will be given to a debt recovery service.